Pinko Joe


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Author: Christopher Sperandio
ISBN: 978-1-7770087-1-0

Ninety-six pages of hardcover humorous political resistance in 4-color form, PINKO JOE is the new graphic novel by Christopher Sperandio! Exclamation!



A fusion of crime, romance, horror and science fiction comic book genres, Pinko Joe stars… Joe. He’s a troubled wage-slave from another planet turned police officer and Socialist crusader. In other words, he’s someone just like you and me?

We follow Joe across  96-pages as he battles gun-toting corporate raiders through a fictional 3rd term of an Eisenhower administration. Joe crashes cars, beats on capitalists, and dallies with ladies – but just as he’s winning the struggle against the nascent military-industrial complex, the Ultra-Capitalist arrives! This arch-villain future man has weapons and business models that are ten times more advanced, and eleven times more deadly!


ISBN: 978-1-7770087-1-0


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