Fundamental Camarena


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FUNDAMENTAL CAMARENA is edited by Christopher Sperandio, Associate Professor of Art at Rice University in Houston, Texas. The book features an interview with Camarena by journalist/artist Augusto Mora and a brief historical overview of Mexican comics by Mauricio Espinoza, Assistant Professor, Department of Romance Languages & Literatures, University of Cincinnati.





During it’s heyday in the mid-1970s, nearly 55 million comic books were printed each month in Mexico. Forty years later, almost nothing is known about this once-flourishing scene. FUNDAMENTAL CAMARENA is a new monograph on the work on Julio Camarena, one of dozens of the nearly unknown artists active during this time. The original art for one 148 page comic by Camarena, a story called The Last Buyer, is reproduced in facsimile, along with an English translation for the text.

FUNDAMENTAL CAMARENA is one of the first books to come out of Stan Wany’s new imprint Argle Bargle Books. It’s co-published by the Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop (CATS). 

148p, 6” x 9.25”, hardbound, in English and Spanish


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