Argle Bargle Books is a Canadian black-owned business.  Our main goal is to publish works that exuberantly threaten the status quo. Through satire, we aim to interrogate established and existing systems of beliefs, questioning and poking fun at cultural values, when necessary.  With a high level of social engagement, we uphold a progressive outlook for the future.



Shout-out to Sperandio on The Quietus

A nice little shout-out to Christopher Sperandio and his contribution to the awesome, Europe-based punk-rock comic KUTLUL #11!

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Christopher Sperandio at Bad at Sports Podcast

Author Chris Sperandio talks about his two new books, Pinko Joe and Fundamental Camarena in the latest podcast of BAdatSports,

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Fundamental Camarena @Comic Café in Munich

Our fellow comic lover Michael Khambekar from the Munich comic festival had a review of Fundamental Camarena last March at a comic café event, a …

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Jonathan McBurnie

Jonathan McBurnie is an artist, writer and cartoonist presently based in Townsville, Australia.

Stanley Wany

Stanley Wany is a multidisciplinary artist whose main focus is writing and drawing graphic novels.

Christopher Sperandio

Christopher Sperandio,
half of the artist team of Grennan & Sperandio, has produced 22 comics books as artworks for museums
in the US and Europe.