Christopher Sperandio’s New Release: GREENIE JOSEPHENIE, MAY 2021

Artist Christopher Sperandio Enlists Action Scenes sketched in the 50s and 60s for a New Battle, Against Corporate Greed

Argle Bargle Books, Ottawa, Canada, in association with the Comic Art Teaching and Study Workshop (CATS), Rice University, Houston, is pleased to announce the publication of artist Christopher Sperandio’s latest graphic novel (May 20, 2021).

GREENIE JOSEPHENIE is the story of a super heroine who fights out-of-control global oligarchs like Confederate Beverages, EE-ZEE Serve Holdings and Prison Corp. In this world ruled by mega-conglomerates, she fights alongside the superhero of Sperandio’s last graphic novel, PINKO JOE. The battle they wage is likely to feel familiar to many readers today.

Sperandio punctuates GREENIE with hilarious ironic asides. The biggest irony, however, lies in the making of the graphic novel: the artist uses a 21 st century digital toolkit to replicate the look of vintage halftone comic strips slapdash printed onto newsprint: color registration askew, dots differently sized, and ink either gunked on or missing.

“I got it in my head that I could tell a new story without using new layouts or characters,” says Sperandio. “Rather, I borrowed and repurposed panels and layouts from disparate genres—crime, science fiction, horror and romance. Once the remix fell into place, I wrote new dialogue and re-inked all 94 pages.”

“It was a hellishly painstaking process, actually,” concludes the artist, “but it allowed me to honor the history of comics while reflecting on present-day perils.”

GREENIE is the second instalment in a forthcoming trilogy. Sperandio is creating his graphic novel series with support from CATS, a hybrid research/teaching space on the Rice campus that he founded eight years ago. CATS houses original comic books and comic strip drawings, mounts exhibitions, and publishes on the subject of comics, both historically and internationally.