Kickstarter launched for Jonathan McBurnie’s FLOODLAND

February 1st marks the start of our crowdfunding campaign for FLOODLAND, Jonathan McBurnie’s first graphic novel. Our goal is CAD $7,000.

With the funds raised from the generous backer community, 250 copies of FLOODLAND will be printed, including a hard-cover and 96 pages in black-and-white. Particular attention will be paid to the quality of the materials, to make sure that we render Jonathan’s art on paper perfect for luscious black and white reproductions. 

Free copies will be sent to our top supporters (see details below). The balance will be sold online, at book fairs (once this is possible), and in stores in Canada, Australia and USA.

FLOODLAND is a graphic novel which gathers illustration and comics by Jonathan McBurnie. Brought together to form a loose autobiographical narrative, these follow various characters whose lives orbit the same places, and occasionally overlap through mundane circumstances. 

FLOODLAND documents a series of personal and natural disasters, beginning with the protagonist’s (referred to as ‘the King of Shitty’ or ‘King of Nails’) chronic illness, followed by a long period of bizarre artistic practices, awkward art school relationships, the brutal reality of the nine to five grind, the transition between emerging artist and submerging artist, and finally culminating in the massive flood in King of Nails’ hometown.Peripheral characters include Batsquiat, an artist-cum-superhero whose successes are vastly out of proportion with his meagre talents; Picasso Minotaur, a brawny beefcake sculptor with fire in his belly and hate in his heart; Kirby Kelly, a hapless and constantly-flummoxed experiment gone wrong, after the grafting the brain of Ned Kelly into the body of a Jack Kirby superhero; and Cowboy Elvis, a song and dance man and the very worst version of himself.